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Signs of Spring!

1st Class took a walk to nearby Belgrave Square where we looked for signs of Spring. We found insects, bird nests, daffodils, buds and lots more. Then we had so much fun in the sunny playground – possibly the best sign of Spring of all!

Active Learning in 1st Class

We have been up and at ’em lately in 1st Class!
We have been learning about length and measuring the school with metre long strings. We also had fun with the fabulous PE equipment paid for by the PGTA’s ‘Walk to Paddy’ fundraiser last year – the scooter boards are the standout hit.
Finally we have been enjoying the construction toys and have built Hogwarts, the Grand Canyon and a Ghostbusters trap house recently. There is no stopping us!

Animal Crackers!

First, Second and Tony’s class were treated to a workshop with the author and illustrator of the book Animal Crackers today, Sarah Webb and Alan Nolan. We had so much fun sharing and learning amazing facts about animals and really enjoyed the penguin draw-a-long. Thank you so much for including us in your Citywide Read, Rathmines Library – best neighbours ever!

Quilt Project 2021

Welcome to our school quilt project! In a year where it has been very hard to come together as a whole school, Maeve came up with this idea as a way to beat the bubbles and bring us together. Every child and adult in the school is decorating a fabric square with a picture of what they love and missed about school. They will then be combined into a patchwork style quilt to display in our school forever. The cotton squares are the colours used in the Educate Together logo.
It’s a highlight of every morning to see who has finished their beautiful square. We will be posting them to the quilt maker shortly.