Supermarket Sweep!


Junior Infants had a busy morning today heading to our local Lidl in Rathmines!

We have been learning all about the Supermarket in Aistear and role-playing supermarket situations so it was great to put our learning to good use today.

We started the week by writing a list for the Supermarket in our Literacy lesson and using our phonics sounds to sound out the words we needed.

We headed off early this morning and remembered to bring our list and our shopping bags!

When we got to the shop we first had a look at some of the things we had been learning about in class – we spotted the baskets, trolleys, self-checkout, till, cashier and the aisles.

Next we set off in our groups, each group had one thing highlighted on their list to find.

After that came the exciting part, we headed up to the tills to pay for our goods!

We put our items on the belt, gave the money to the cashier and received our change and receipt. We made sure to bag up our items to carry back to school.


Luckily, one of the things on our list was chocolate so we all got to enjoy a chocolate treat for all our hard work when we got back to class! 🙂