This week was Wellbeing Week in Harcourt Terrace E.T.N.S as part of  our Amber Flag application. We had a fantastic week with all members of our school community enjoying some wonderful, mindful activities. This was very much a child centred week, as the children created wellbeing choice boards, where they democratically selected the wellbeing activity they wished to do. Our wonderful staff went on a 5km walk and stopped off at our schools permanent location, which left everyone excited about our bright future. The children all took part in our couch to 5km challenge, travelling 1km a day. We had a virtual fundraiser in aid of Pieta house. Thank you to everyone who donated as it is very much appreciated. We are well on our way to become ambassadors for wellbeing, by obtaining an Amber Flag for our school. Check out how we got on in this short video: