This week our new student council came together for the first time to meet with Dan our principal.

It was wonderful to see the elected class representatives from all of our classes in the school come together and discuss key matters to the children.

One topic which was discussed was what name shall we have for our Well-Being Morning Check In’s which have been so successful thus far.

Following some wonderful suggestions, we voted that they would be named “Morning Meetings” or ” Cruinniú Maidine” when spoken in Irish.

Our student council also gave us some great ideas regarding how our Student Council notice board should look.

Our student council will meet at the end of each month with the principal. We plan for this to be a tradition moving forward in the school as we grow. The promotion of student voice within the school is hugely important. Afterall, our children are one of our key stakeholders in Harcourt Terrace ETNS.