A look back at the first half term in Second Class!

By 22nd October 2021News, Senior Infants

We have had a busy 8 weeks in Second Class with lots of learning and lots fun!

In English we have nearly finished two full novels! We have read George’s Marvellous Medicine and are almost finished The Twits, we have used these novels to develop skills such as prediction, character description, persuasive writing, rhyming and more! We can now confidently use adjectives, verbs and adverbs in our writing. Check us out here working in our groups to brainstorm adjectives to describe those terrible Twits!

It was lovely to finish off our Maths learning this term with Maths week. We had a lot of fun playing maths games in the morning to practice  our skills such as skip counting, patterns, place value and 2D and 3D  shapes.

In Art this term we have been looking at the artist Picasso. He is from Spain and his very first word was pencil!  We have been learning all about his style of art known as “Cubism”. We have created our own Picasso style Cubism masterpieces!

We have been working very hard on our spelling skills this term. To improve our phonological awareness we have been using counters in our English Stations to count the sounds in our words. We count the sounds using counters before we write and then spell the word carefully. It has been working really well!

Finally in Learn Together we have been looking at recycling and plastic use. Check out our posters we made in pairs to remind ourselves and our school community to reduce our plastic use where possible.

This is just a snippet of the amazing learning happening in our class and there is much more to come!

We are looking forward to a week of rest before kicking off the second half of term 1!