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Projects in 1st Class

Well done to all the boys and girls in 1st Class for completing such amazing projects and being so confident to present them to their own class and to 2nd Class when they came to see them! 

Farewell Assembly for Dan

We had a lovely last day for Dan in Harcourt Terrace. We were all very sad to see Dan go but enjoyed our last few days with him as principal.

For Dan’s last day he visited each class with treats for a picnic and enjoyed some time chatting with the children.

Then we had assembly where each class had time to say goodbye to Dan in whatever way they liked. Some classes sang songs, some presented art work and some said poems. We wish Dan all the best in his new school and we look forward to him coming back for a visit!  

Healthy Eating Week 2023

We had a great Healthy Eating Week in Harcourt Terrace. It was super to see how healthy all the boys and girls are already. They all know so much about how important it is to eat healthily to have healthy bodies.

There were lots of different activities in all the classes such as creating a healthy plate of food and lunch box, sorting healthy and unhealthy food and showing off their healthy lunches.

Check out the photos below of just some of the activities that took place.

Science Week 2022

We had a very exciting Science Week this year in HTETNS. Every class did so many different and fun experiments! There were so many photos we had to make a video to show them all. In it you’ll see some of the experiments that went on  in the school during the week, such as, Skittles experiments, making moon sand, blowing a bubble in a bubble and many more! Some classes even had a special visitor who performed lots of exciting experiments with the children! Thank you very much to Michael again for coming in!

Check out the video to see all the fun that was had with our budding scientists last week!



Assembly Friday 18th November

We had a very busy assembly with lots of exciting news and performances on Friday.

First, we heard an update from two Greens Schools Committee about the process.


Then, we got to see our new Student Council all together for the first time! They are all very excited to have been elected and are looking forward to the responsibilities that come with this new role.


Next, 1st Class performed a call and repeat song called Toom-Bah-Ee-Lero and they did a great job!

Finally the principal’s awards were presented to all the boys and girls that earned them this week for following the Golden Rules! Well done everyone!

October in 1st Class

We had a super October in 1st Class and we did so many fun activities and lots of learning.

As part of SPHE we learned about healthy eating and foods that help boys and girls grow. As part of this lesson the class made healthy sandwiches. They loved making their own sandwich and putting whatever they wanted in it.  They were all so good for trying new vegetables that they hadn’t tried before.


We had such fun for our Halloween Dress Up Day. We played games, listened and danced to Halloween music and did lots of Halloween arts and crafts.

We did lots of great maths and had Maths Week in the middle of October. We have been working on number sentences and addition. We did maths trails and maths games stations which the class loved.

First class have been doing hurling for the last few weeks and got to try football in October which will continue in November.

In English the class are getting more and more confident with their cursive handwriting and writing their news and stories independently. They have been working on remembering their capital letters and full stops in sentences. We have learned about recount and report writing so far.

The boys and girls have been so great with engaging with the choice board on Wednesdays and below are a few photos.

We’ve also fit in some time in the Calm Area outside for some fun bonding time as a class.

Diwali celebrations this week!

We had a great time in HTETNS this week learning all about Diwali.

So many nice activities went on in each class, including learning about Hinduism and Sikhism, making decorations and cards for celebrating Diwali and learning about traditions associated with the festival.

Here are a few photos from different classes in the school showing all the fun that was had.

We hope those who celebrate in our school community had a lovely Diwali.