Some General Information for Parents

Home-School Communications

Contacting the school
It is really important for you, for your child and for the school that we keep in regular
contact in regard to your child’s experiences here in Harcourt Terrace ETNS. If you have any
queries, worries or concerns, or, if you need to inform us of something important,
please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Whilst the school is still growing, we will only have part-time secretarial facilities, so we would respectfully ask you to contact us in one
of the following ways:

  • speak to your class teacher. You may need to make an appointment
  • send a note to your child’s teacher
  • telephone the school between 8am and 3pm on 086 776 8394. We will
  • respond to you as soon as possible.

School – Home Messages

The school communicates with parents principally through the school website and social media (Facebook & Twitter). More detailed communications will be issued
through email and from time to time we may communicate via text.

Please ensure the school has your most up to date contact information.
The school will issue newsletters during the year to keep parents informed of school
activities, achievements and exciting news. These will be sent via email.


It is not necessary to ring the school if your child is absent, however, all absences
must be explained in writing to the class teacher on the day your child returns to
school. As a school we abide by the Education and Welfare Act 2000. Under this act
we are obliged to report absences that exceed 20days in one school year.


We ask all parents to give general consent for:

  • local trips
  • photographs and videos for school use
  • administration of basic first aid
  • the calling of an ambulance in an emergency

Please complete and return the consent forms attached to this booklet.

Encouraging Healthy Eating

We encourage all children to bring healthy lunches to school each day. Parents and
guardians are asked not to send in crisps, bars, cakes, sweets, fizzy drinks, biscuits or
chocolate in lunchboxes during the week. On Friday, children are permitted to bring
in one small treat. This helps the children the importance of a balanced healthy diet.

Children are welcome to drink water whenever they need it during the school day.
However, other drinks (juice etc) are only permitted at break times.

Lunch Boxes and Bottles

Let’s teach the children the importance of recycling and please only give them re-
usable containers and bottles for lunch.

Positive Behaviour

The Golden Rules

Our positive behaviour policy is based on the six Golden Rules. Children are
encouraged to use the Golden Rules to help them make good choices about their
behaviour. Children are rewarded for good behaviour in lots of ways including praise,
encouragement, stickers, special prize, having their name put in the golden book,
receiving extra golden time on a Friday.

Child Protection

The school operates a Child Protection Policy under the Children First Guidelines.
Anyone with concerns about the welfare of children should report directly to the
Designated Liaison Person (DLP). The DLP for this school is Niamh Cullen.

Health and Safety

As the school grows and our premises become more familiar, we will always
endeavour to ensure the school is a safe place for all who attend, visit or work here.
If you have any concerns in relation to Health and Safety, please report them


Welcome Booklet

Welcome Booklet 2021 V5