Meadhbh’s Class

Class Blog for Meadhbh’s Class (Senior Infant Class) 2022-2023

Healthy Eating Week 2023

We had a great Healthy Eating Week in Harcourt Terrace. It was super to see how healthy all the boys and girls are already. They all know so much about how important it is to eat healthily to have healthy bodies.

There were lots of different activities in all the classes such as creating a healthy plate of food and lunch box, sorting healthy and unhealthy food and showing off their healthy lunches.

Check out the photos below of just some of the activities that took place.

Winter Show Performance 2022

On Wednesday 14th of December the children of Harcourt Terrace ETNS all performed on stage for the whole-school community. Check out how they got on in this short video. I think you will agree that they all look amazing. Well done to Hyeguen who captured all of these fantastic pictures and compiled this wonderful video. A big shout out to our PGTA, bakers, staff, children, parental community and wider community who contributed to us raising €2,003.37 towards new literacy resources on the day too through our bake sale and raffle. Maith sibh!


A thought for the day:

Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about- Marilyn Monroe

Science Week 2022

We had a very exciting Science Week this year in HTETNS. Every class did so many different and fun experiments! There were so many photos we had to make a video to show them all. In it you’ll see some of the experiments that went on  in the school during the week, such as, Skittles experiments, making moon sand, blowing a bubble in a bubble and many more! Some classes even had a special visitor who performed lots of exciting experiments with the children! Thank you very much to Michael again for coming in!

Check out the video to see all the fun that was had with our budding scientists last week!



Assembly Friday 18th November

We had a very busy assembly with lots of exciting news and performances on Friday.

First, we heard an update from two Greens Schools Committee about the process.


Then, we got to see our new Student Council all together for the first time! They are all very excited to have been elected and are looking forward to the responsibilities that come with this new role.


Next, 1st Class performed a call and repeat song called Toom-Bah-Ee-Lero and they did a great job!

Finally the principal’s awards were presented to all the boys and girls that earned them this week for following the Golden Rules! Well done everyone!

A month of animals in Senior Infants!

Senior Infants had a lot of fun in October learning all about Animals!

In Aistear, our role play area was the vets clinic, we had lots of fun performing check ups, checking temperatures, administering injections, performing X-rays and checking heart rates. We practiced our writing skills by booking appointments and filling in forms about our patients.

We had lots of fun in our under water scene in our tray too! We learned the names of some sea animals and played amazing imagination games!

In construction we built amazing homes for animals!

In English we read lots of books about Animals. We focused on Dear Zoo. We sequenced the story, wrote letters to the zoo and painted the animals from the story.


In Maths we were working hard on the idea of two parts making a whole! We practiced adding to parts to make a whole and we used our animal friends to help us.

We had a great month learning about animals and incorporating it into as many subjects as we could!

Diwali celebrations this week!

We had a great time in HTETNS this week learning all about Diwali.

So many nice activities went on in each class, including learning about Hinduism and Sikhism, making decorations and cards for celebrating Diwali and learning about traditions associated with the festival.

Here are a few photos from different classes in the school showing all the fun that was had.

We hope those who celebrate in our school community had a lovely Diwali.

Assembly and Friendship Week

We had a great assembly today to finish our Friendship Week. Senior infants led the singing of our song for this month for Learn Together and did a great job. Check out the video and photos below.

After the great performance Dan presented this week’s principal awards. Congratulations to all the boys and girls who received a certificate this week!

The boys and girls in all the classes had a fantastic Friendship Week and below are a few photos of the different activities that went on. Classes made friendship cards, did collaborative colouring projects, played lots of team building games and loads more!

September In Senior Infants!


Senior Infants have been very busy this month! Learning and having fun. We have continued our theme of “Homes” and really enjoyed linking our learning through our play.

Check out what we have been up to!

Our home corner turned into a birthday party which was a lot of fun. We got to practice writing invitations, party lists and make birthday cards at the creative station.

We even got to practice some fine motor skills by wrapping up presents for the birthday party!


In English we read the stories of The Three Little Pigs. We sequenced the story and retold it to our friends.

In our creative station during Aistear we created a retelling of the story. We made the different types of houses and tried labelling our pictures.

We got to try out the new calm area on the playground and had fun on the trampolines and swing!

In Maths we have been using our manipulatives to practice making groups from 1-5. We have also been revising our number formation and our rhymes to help us remember how to write them correctly.

In Aistear we played number blocks and made the numbers ourselves!

We also continued our theme of Homes in construction where we made all kinds of interesting homes!

We have kept practising our cutting skills remembering to say “thumb on top, chop chop chop”

We even tried printing with lego !

Ranelagh Gaels GAA coaching in HTETNS!

Today our Junior & Senior Infants enjoyed some gaelic football coaching from former Dublin star and Ranelagh Gaels GAA Club, coaching officer Simon Lambert. The children all had terrific fun working on their agility, balance and co-ordination with the ball. We cannot wait to see Simon again next week! It is great to be able to develop a partnership between Ranelagh Gaels GAA Club and the school. We look forward to this developing further in the future!

What Senior Infants Have Been Up To!

Senior infants have been very busy since we returned to school, learning and having lots of fun too! Our theme this month is “Homes” so we tried to incorporate that into a lot of our learning activities. Check out a few snippets of what we have been up to!

We have been doing lots of fine motor tasks during morning activities to get our hands nice and strong for writing.

In art we drew self portraits!

In English we learned the story of Hansel and Gretel – we designed our own ginger bread house and learned what characters and settings were!

In aistear we had a lot of fun in the home corner!

We had lots of messy fun pouring, measuring, emptying and imagining we were baking at the tuff tray!

In small world we played with different types of homes including animal homes!

We built and designed some really cool types of homes in Construction!

We have been very busy and looking forward to lots more learning next week!