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Class Blog for Meadhbh’s Class (Second Class) 2021-2022

Newly elected Student Council in HTETNS!

Today in Harcourt Terrace E.T.N.S our newly elected student council met for the first time to make two very important decisions. The student council has two representatives from every class in the school.

They decided that the school will pursue the Green flag as our next new initiative following on from the Amber flag. Further information on the Green flag is available here: Green-Schools – Working together for a sustainable future (


The second important decision taken was our school motto on well-being was decided. The motto is: “If you see someone without a smile give them yours.” This motto was created by Junior and Senior Infants. All classes put forward a motto but the student council thought that this was the best one for our school.

The Student council will meet every fortnight to make important decisions. As the saying goes “Nothing about us without us”.

Well done to all involved!

Autism Acceptance Month 2022

In April we celebrated Autism Acceptance month. It was a month where everyone in our school community came together. The parents hosted a coffee morning. The children and staff enjoyed lots of fun activities, celebrating how wonderful we all are together. We explored values like friendship, acceptance, inclusion and understanding. The children in our Autism classes and mainstream classes joined in classroom activities together. Check out how we got on in this short video:

#Autismacceptance #Autismappreciation #Autismparentsupport #Celebrated differences.

Earth Day 2022

April 22nd is the official date of Earth Day and today second class learned all about the theme of this year’s Earth Day “Invest in the planet”.

We learned that this could mean investing our time, energy and resources into making the earth a better place to live.
We made promises to the earth on what we would do to invest in the planet!
We came up with some great ideas check them out here.

Ceol álainn le cloisteáil ag an Tionól!

Bhí ceol álainn le cloisteáil againn ag an Tionól. We all came together for our very first whole-school assembly of 2022. The children all sang, laughed and some even played the spoons for us. Dan presented his “Principal Awards” to some children who really excelled this week. Tá gach duine sa scoil ag deánamh sár-iarracht Gaeilge a labhairt i gcomhair seachtain na Gaeilge. We are really looking forward to our Lá Glás next Wednesday. Scoil Náisiúnta Ardán Fhearchair ag Foghlaim le Chéile abú!


Chinese New Year and St. Brigid’s Day in HTETNS

Last week in school all classes celebrated and learned about Chinese New Year and St. Brigid’s Day. There were so many nice activities taking place throughout the week and we captured a few of them to share here!

All classes learned about how 2022 is the Year of the Tiger and lots of creative tigers were spotted around the school.


The dragon is believed to bring good luck in Chinese culture and 2nd class made some fantastic chain link dragons!



For St. Brigid’s Day there were lots of lovely different activities, such as making St. Brigid’s cloak in art and acting out St. Brigid’s story in drama.


Wellbeing Week 2022 in Harcourt Terrace E.T.N.S.

This week was Wellbeing Week in Harcourt Terrace E.T.N.S as part of  our Amber Flag application. We had a fantastic week with all members of our school community enjoying some wonderful, mindful activities. This was very much a child centred week, as the children created wellbeing choice boards, where they democratically selected the wellbeing activity they wished to do. Our wonderful staff went on a 5km walk and stopped off at our schools permanent location, which left everyone excited about our bright future. The children all took part in our couch to 5km challenge, travelling 1km a day. We had a virtual fundraiser in aid of Pieta house. Thank you to everyone who donated as it is very much appreciated. We are well on our way to become ambassadors for wellbeing, by obtaining an Amber Flag for our school. Check out how we got on in this short video:


Well-being week so far!

Well-being week is off to a great start in second class!

We started the week by making our well-being choice boards. We have been using these throughout the day and letting one person choose a well being activity for the whole class from their choice board. So far we have had some extra movement breaks, arts and crafts and some Pokémon drawing!

We have also been enjoying our 5km running challenge. We have run a kilometer a day so far. We figured out that if we ran 5km it would be like nearly running all the way to Sandymount beach!
11 laps of our playground is 1km!

by Friday we will have run 5km!

We have lots more fun activities planned for our well-being week and are enjoying it a lot so far!