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Happy Diwali from everyone in Harcourt Terrace E.T.N.S.

Everyone in Harcourt Terrace E.T.N.S learned about and celebrated Diwali with all of our friends. Have a look and see how everyone got on below:

In Second class the children spent the week learning about Diwali. They read the story of Rama and Sita and learned about Diyas. During Diwali homes are decorated with Diyas and the candle light symbolises goodness and light winning over darkness.  We drew and decorated our own Diyas.  


The next day we learned all about Rangoli Art and how during Diwali families decorate outside their home with coloured sand in beautiful patterns. We used dyed rice to create our own Rangoli Art on our classroom tables. We absolutely loved this and had so much fun!

In Siobhán, Tony, Ronnie and Jennifer’s classes the children had fun hearing the Diwali story, watching some lovely candle lights and creating some nice Artwork.

We would like to wish everyone a very happy Diwali and we hope that everyone enjoys the celebrations.

The Harcourt Terrace team.

Have a spooktacular Halloween everyone!

Today we had a very special Halloween assembly where everyone came together to sing, dance and chant. Some very lucky pupils picked up a Principal’s Award for lining up really well in the morning before school. There were some fantastic costumes on show in the school today. Thank you to everyone who put so much time into making today so enjoyable for the children. At the end of assembly had a Halloween march around our yard to show off all the wonderful costumes. Check out the photos/videos to see all the fun we had.

Have a lovely Mid-term break everyone and see you all again soon,

The Harcourt Terrace E.T.N.S team.

September & October in Tony’s class

During the months of September and October Tony’s class were very busy settling into the new school year. We learned all about the season of Autumn. We played lots of games and joined in some hurling coaching sessions. We sang some action songs like “Tony chestnut” and heard some lovely stories like “The gingerbread man” and “Chicken licken”.  Have a look at the lovely photos below to see how much fun our classroom is.

Fantastic Friday assembly

Recently we had an outdoor assembly where we sang and danced as a whole school to celebrate a few important events in Harcourt Terrace E.T.N.S. We all sang “If you’re happy and you know it” while stamping our feet and clapping our hands. Of course there were a few important birthday milestones in the school which we marked too. A huge thank you to Ronnie who provided the wonderful music from her guitar which we all enjoyed. Check out the lovely photos below.

Capacity in Senior Infants

Senior Infants have been exploring the capacity of water and rice using various containers. We first chose a container to measure with and then we estimated how many of that container would fit in another container. We were right nearly every time!


The baby clinic

We have had such a fun time learning all about the babies these past few weeks! We played in the role play area as doctors, mums, dads, nurses and sister or brothers taking care of babies, we made baby cribs and babies to put in them, we took care of the babies by washing them and putting clothes on them. We build lots of things for babies in the construction and playdoh area too! Our favourite books were Mog and the baby and Everywhere babies!

Measures in Maths!

We have been looking at the ‘Measures’ strand in Mathematics over the last while.

We have been focusing on ‘Length’. We looked at a variety of objects in our classroom and compared the length of each. We made use of vocabulary such as ‘long’, ‘longer than’, ‘longest’, ‘short’, ‘shorter than’ and ‘shortest’.

We decided to predict how many cubes it would take to measure the length of selected classroom objects. We then tested our predictions in groups . We could not believe how many cubes it took to measure the length of our shoe!! We also couldn’t believe how many lollipop sticks it took to measure the length of our table to different parts of the classroom!

Fun at the Garden Centre!

We had great fun exploring our Aistear theme of the Garden Centre this week. We played in the garden centre buying plants and flowers, we enjoyed planting with our soil and tools, we built garden centres with blocks and polydrons and we painted lovely flower gardens!

Forest School

Forest School at DSCETNS

Forest School at DSCETNS

By Paula Henihan


I am excited to be bringing a regular Forest School session to DSCETNS next year. This will involve taking the children outside for a 90 minute class fortnightly. The classes will be aimed at learning through nature in a safe but challenging environment.

Forest school is a formalised approach to learning that first emerged in Scandinavia in the 1950s, and has since gained in popularity throughout Europe, North America, and in recent years Ireland, with over twenty Forest School groups currently active nationally.

Outdoor learning like Forest School complements the existing classroom curriculum and allows children the opportunity to develop confidence, self-esteem, and practical skills through hands-on learning in a natural environment.

Forest School Activities

In Forest School at DSCETNS you can expect loads of fun activities and adventures like;

  • building dens and other structures
  • storytelling
  • games and imaginative play
  • nature crafts
  • using tools for wood projects
  • scavenger hunts, and other adventures. ​

Important features include the use of a woodland setting over a sustained period of time, a low child/adult ratio, close ties to regular curriculum objectives, and freedom to explore the senses.

I’m a Level 3 qualified ​Irish Forest School Association​ leader, and h​ave taught Forest School with the children in Stoneybatter ETNS.​ I am still amazed by the excitement, peer support, creativity and wonder that the sessions bring out in the kids. Research shows that children who spend time in natural environments undertake more diverse, creative and imaginative play. This improves their sense of belonging and environmental stewardship.​ Physical skills are also improved by the challenge of dealing with rough terrain, and by learning to handle tools and equipment.

Further Information

Here are some resources if you’re interested in learning more:

I’m delighted to be bringing the Forest School ethos to the kids next year.

Thanks Niamh for initiating Forest School at DSCETNS. Watch this space!