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Dan Murphy

Student Council First Meeting with Dan

This week our new student council came together for the first time to meet with Dan our principal.

It was wonderful to see the elected class representatives from all of our classes in the school come together and discuss key matters to the children.

One topic which was discussed was what name shall we have for our Well-Being Morning Check In’s which have been so successful thus far.

Following some wonderful suggestions, we voted that they would be named “Morning Meetings” or ” Cruinniú Maidine” when spoken in Irish.

Our student council also gave us some great ideas regarding how our Student Council notice board should look.

Our student council will meet at the end of each month with the principal. We plan for this to be a tradition moving forward in the school as we grow. The promotion of student voice within the school is hugely important. Afterall, our children are one of our key stakeholders in Harcourt Terrace ETNS.


2nd Class Hurling Blitz

This week 2nd class participated in a hurling blitz in St. Kevin’s GAA club. The blitz was organised by club GPO Jenny who visits our school every Tuesday. All local schools took part and there were some local derbies between our school and near neighbours Griffith Barracks MDNS and Harold’s Cross ETNS. Well done to all the children and staff who made this a very enjoyable day for everyone. Maith sibh!

Ranelagh Gaels GAA coaching in HTETNS!

Today our Junior & Senior Infants enjoyed some gaelic football coaching from former Dublin star and Ranelagh Gaels GAA Club, coaching officer Simon Lambert. The children all had terrific fun working on their agility, balance and co-ordination with the ball. We cannot wait to see Simon again next week! It is great to be able to develop a partnership between Ranelagh Gaels GAA Club and the school. We look forward to this developing further in the future!

Wonderful innovative teaching and learning in HTETNS!

There has been a lot of wonderful work happening around Harcourt Terrace ETNS over the past week. Here are a few samples of the learning opportunities our fantastic team have provided for our valued children. We empower creativity when it comes to teaching and learning. Well done to all involved!

Our First Assembly of the year!

Today we all came together to celebrate our first assembly of the year. We welcomed all of our new children and staff to the school. We had some winners from Senior Infants in an Art competition that they entered in June. Their winning entries were displayed in the Hugh Lane Gallery. A huge thanks to Siobhán for organising all of this for our children. What an honour for our school!

Look how much we have grown this year!


Sports day 2022

A huge thank you to all staff, parents and children who made our Annual Sports Day such an enjoyable event for everyone. We had fantastic weather and the children gave an exhibition of sporting skills throughout the day.

A special note of thanks to our parental photography team who captured the day beautifully in this video.

Have a look to see how we got on:


Check out this folder to view some of the photos taken:

Sports day 2022 Website

Yard Transformation in Harcourt Terrace E.T.N.S.

A huge thanks to all the parental volunteers who organised a big clean up on Saturday. The new plants and trees have been really appreciated by everyone in our school community. As well as that our parental community received fantastic stencils for yard markings which have really enhanced the children’s enjoyment during breaks. Well done to the parental volunteers who worked in partnership with David at the Dublin City Sport and Well-being Partnership on this initiative. Also Johnstones in Rathmines donated the paint used in this project which we we really appreciate. Harcourt Terrace E.T.N.S is a community of people and children, and that is what makes our school great.
Maith sibh!




Student Council meet with our P.G.T.A to discuss our yard!

Today in Harcourt Terrace our active Student Council met with representatives of the P.G.T.A to discuss how to lay out some yard markings for our playground area. The children all decided through a democratic process. Thanks to the the parent representatives for including our Student Council in this important decision. As the saying goes “nothing about us, without us”.

The P.G.T.A will be assembling on Saturday from 11Am-3PM to paint the yard markings onto the ground via the stencils we kindly received this week. If you can lend a hand please get in touch with the P.G.T.A and pop along on Saturday.

Newly elected Student Council in HTETNS!

Today in Harcourt Terrace E.T.N.S our newly elected student council met for the first time to make two very important decisions. The student council has two representatives from every class in the school.

They decided that the school will pursue the Green flag as our next new initiative following on from the Amber flag. Further information on the Green flag is available here: Green-Schools – Working together for a sustainable future (


The second important decision taken was our school motto on well-being was decided. The motto is: “If you see someone without a smile give them yours.” This motto was created by Junior and Senior Infants. All classes put forward a motto but the student council thought that this was the best one for our school.

The Student council will meet every fortnight to make important decisions. As the saying goes “Nothing about us without us”.

Well done to all involved!